Taking a break from Aberrant, Rich is running Exalted for Bells and I. In similar vein, we aren't started out as Exalted characters, but rather as mortals with an interesting destiny. We're so far nickname this Exalted: The Trauma'ing.

Cast List
GM - Rich
Taji ' Dawn's Dancing Butterfly' - Me
Kito 'Resplendent Blade Resonating Eternal' - Bells
Farewell Derren's Ford 
Growing Up Realm Pt1 - Joining House Cathak
Growing Up Realm Pt2 - Becoming Sorcerers  
Growing Up Realm Pt3 - Lookshy
The Journey to Nexus  
Nexus and The Emissary
Prison Break 

Non-Canon (written from memory with many mistakes; follows from Thorns)
Growing Up Realm
First trip to Nexus
First years in the army  
Undying Fury of Creation  
More Time Passes  
The Black Chase
The Quest for Blacksmiths - Cherak  
The Quest for Blacksmiths - Nexus 

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